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Hmmmm… it’s been so long since I last time blogged something, but I blame CNB for it! They’ve kept me so busy… A lot has happened, new teasers, new Korean mini that’s going to be published on Monday 14th!!! Saying that I’m excited about it doesn’t really even begin to express all that I feel right now… I’m so happy and proud, this album is the turning point to the whole band and we can feel the pressure… A whole mini album full of self-written songs, now that’s something to celebrate right??

In the middle of all this Boice fever I’m failing in my preparation for the takeoff, miserably! I’ve done nothing I was supposed to do ages ago and right now I’m not very comfortable with the whole idea of going… But I know myself well enough to know I’ll find it before the D-DAY, my reason for doing this! ^^



Hehe I’ve had the new Robot single for a while now, but since I didn’t write a preview of it here and I wanted it to be fresh I’ll post my opinion of it that I wrote right after I had received my own copy!

My New Robot Single!

December 28th

It’s here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooooooooooooooooooooh so fast!!! It was shipped on 19th and it arrived today even with all the Holidays and all!! I LOVE THIS SINGLE!! The songs are SO different!! So the single includes three  songs;

1. Robot (lyrics Jung YongHwa *jap. trans Oba Kosuke, composed Jung YongHwa, Oba Kosuke, arr. Hideyuki “Daichi” Suzuki)

2. Ring (lyrics and composed by Jung YongHwa, arr. Noma Kousuke)

3. Starlit Night (lyrics and composed by Lee JongHyun, arr. Hideyuki “Daichi” Suzuki)

We’re already familiar with Robot, but I did everything I could so I wouldn’t hear the other two songs on the single before getting my own copy! I have to say I was so surprised!! Ring is a peculiar case, I feel like I’m listening to an old swing song! Some say it sounds Xmasy, and of course it has a lot of bells, so you can have that association. But for me it really reminded me of music from old school movies!

Starlit Night is… wonderful!!!! I want so bad to hear this song live in concert, sing as loud as I can, wave my hands in the air joining together with other Boice. What a great song! I find it funny that Jonghyun is refered and refers himself as a tough Busan Namja, who isn’t swayed by females and still the songs he wrote are the most romantic in CNB’s releases. Hehehhe… a really beautiful song and REALLY Japanese!! I could easily see someone like ARASHI recording a song like this! I also loved how both Yonghwa’s and Jonghyun’s voiced sounded like, they were singing in a different style than normally and it sounded so great! More of this, please!

Robot instrumental version is so cool!! I’m crazy about these versions!! I have to make a new instrumental album now!!

I was expecting a more “rocking” single, but I wasn’t disappointed. They are allowed to get all touchy feely too!! hehe… at least when the outcome is so beautiful!!

Minhyuk’s oriconblog update eng.trans.

Kkkk… so I’m translating by myself! Don’t bash I’m not Japanese and still a student of the language…





Arena tourも終わって



皆さん Robot ききましたか?





皆さんMerry Christmas!!



Long time no see!
This is Minhyuk!

Everyone, it’s really been such a long time!

Arena tour is finished

The Live in Korea also finished

I’m glad to come to Japan again!

Did you all listen to Robot?

I think the lyrics and rhythm are really interesting

The lyrics give out many different ideas (*TN: I’m not sure about this part since Omoidasushi is a strange word for me, so sorry if I understood it wrong, but I think he means that the lyrics provoke a lot of different ideas and meanings.)

Both the rhythm and the lyrics fit together so well (amazingly).

Let’s meet at the live event!

Merry Christmas everyone!!